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This very special book shows you how to build and receive money from your own adult pay site and reap huge profits.  Learn the right way to do it, the in's and out's of making sexy content and selling it to loyal members month after month after month after month:

How to Start AND run a
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Learn from an Adult Site Webmaster
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"I have helped many adult webmasters get their start in the business.  More importantly my system has showed all these adult webmasters how to stay profitable. It does no good to build a fantastic adult website and then loose everything because of a stupid copyright mistake, or worse not understanding the legal paperwork, or even worse still fail because your site is hacked by password sharers. Listen as I explain how you can get into this exciting business without making the mistakes so many do!

Raif Hawkes, Esq.
Adult webmaster with many successful sites actually running now and increasing in size every month.


From: Adult Webmaster Raif Hawkes
Re:  Starting A Successful Adult Pay Website

Dear Friend,

Did you know that over 90% of the adult websites are being created and run by a few big boys who invest mi££ion$ and make mi££ion$.

So amateur beginners who wonder about starting their own Adult Website after serious research soon see that
at first sight the adult web industry is the last place that a regular, normal person can go in and compete with the big boys and make any real money.  I am sure that you have been surprised by the huge - no vast amount of porn available on the internet and just how easy it is to find and how much is FREE. So how can anyone compete and make money in this very crowded industry and succeed?

The good news is simply the fact this industry is so huge that there really is room for you and if carried out professionally you will succeed, and yes you can share in this fantastically successful business and earn your share of the billions spent every year by becoming a successful webmaster who has my personal assistance.

Well that was the good news.....now let me give you the bad...most people entering the adult website industry are putting themselves at high financial risk by not understanding the many pitfalls.   Don't be one of these people putting your life, liberty, freedom and hard earned money at risk.  As an adult webmaster I have made many mistakes and fallen into all the pitfalls and lost my money, so I have learnt the hard way. Was it worth it you ask? Yes it was, but how much better, faster and cheaper it could have been if there had been genuine assistance and help when I started out. I will tell you straight out....You need to be informed and guided on what these pitfalls are so that you do not violate the complex laws, regulations, rules copyrights and finances, and can avoid the hackers, password swappers, organised warez sites all determined to bring your adult websites down. Read adult forums and you will see people asking, but very few successful webmasters answering. Those that can do and enjoy doing it, but why the hell should they pass on their hard earned knowledge for nothing.

If you have been thinking about starting an adult website you need to know how to protect yourself before you step one foot into this industry.  So keep reading and I will explain how you can keep your adult websites legal and safe and most importantly successful.

All this information for just $39.00
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Your First Steps To Learning How To Make Adult Web Sites Legally and Safely

You need to have this information…at your fingertips:  I really believe that you need to protect yourself.

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Just a miniscule sample of what you will learn
  • 18 U.S.C. 2257:  The Federal Adult Disclosure and Labeling law; Including the Amber Alert Laws, H.R. 4472 and the various amendments
  • Obscenity and Pornography laws;  (Both State and Federal)
  • Copyright
  • Licenses
  • Accepting credit and debits cards
  • Anti hacking software
  • Password swapping protection
  • Running your own membership database
  • Getting thousands of others to promote your site Free
  • Advertising to millions free
  • How to easily find beautiful women and men to work for you on your site
    (They'll be finding you! TRUE!)

  • Controlling membership passwords and usernames
  • Where and how to find original content and even how to make your own!

This is just a very tiny part of what my book will do for you.

Finally how much money and time you invest is up to you. You can start part time with very little capital and build up slowly, or build up quickly. The Book will show you what is best for you.

You need to have this information…at your fingertips:  I really believe that you need to protect yourself.

All this information for just $39.00
If you purchase today


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